About Communications Cold Lake Inc.

Comunications Cold Lake has been involved in the Communications industry for 20 years and has a wide range of expertise and services. We have strong experience in RF communications, telephone switching and networking technology. Panasonic and Nortel phone systems, Vertex 2-way radios, InfoSat, DragonWave® data radios and Telus Mobility are just some of the lines offered.


We have also been installing private broadband networks to clients for approximately 10 years and have currently been operating our own broadband wide area network over a 5,000 square kilometer geographical area withing the MD of Bonnyville since 2004.


We provide professional service with the flexibility to provide unique solutions in the ever-changing technical market. We believe that strong client relationships, technology, flexibility and the desire to exceed client expecations have been the key to our success.


In 2010, we moved into our new15000sq/ft building with expanded retail and service capabilities.

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